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The Top Methods For Copy Protecting Images On Web Pages

This method of using an Image Viewer to protect images includes code at the bottom of the page:

7. Image Viewers 2 star image protection
Image viewers can used on web pages to obscure the resource of the image being displayed. Such image viewers can be based on either Java or Flash, as both will run in all web browsers and on all operating systems. In both cases the visitor needs to download and install a plugin before they can be displayed.

Java has been used for web page displays and interactive applications since the dawn of the web. It used be be included in all Operating System installations by default but more recently needs to be downloaded and installed separately. Displaying an image in a simple Java applet will prevent a visitor from saving the image by using right mouse saves and should the image be encrypted or the path to the image only known to the applet, then any attempt to download the image by using a page save or site grabber will also be foiled. Unfortunately this is not the case with most Java applet cum image protection solutions who use a simple applet that exposes all resources including the path to the image. The only image viewer that uses encrypted images is discussed in the Encrypted Images section.

If the images are not encrypted and the image viewer is simply loading the image using a raw link then those images will not be protected from pages saves or site grabbers either.

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The above mentioned methods for copy protecting images deal with images that are displayed online, from a web page. These methods are not suitable for images that you may want to send by email or provide as a download. For example, if sending an image to a client for their approval of your design, then the options for protecting the image are reduced to:

  1. Using the watermarking tool above to copy protect the image..
  2. Sending the image encapsulated in a secure document format like CopySafe PDF.
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If this is your image then you can deliver the full sized version with watermark to an email address of your choice.