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How To Copy Protect Images - The Best Methods Of Copy Protection For Images
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Copy Protect Images Here Using This FREE Watermarking Tool
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watermark type and message.
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The Top Methods For Copy Protecting Images On Web Pages

The following techniques used to copy protect images are listed in their order of effectiveness:

  1. By use of a secure web browser designed to decrypt and display copy protected web pages.
  2. By use of a copy protection plugin for web browsers enabling them to display copy protected images.
  3. By watermark branding an image with a message using tools like the one above.
  4. By using image encryption and embedded image viewer to decrypt and display the image online.
  5. By splicing an image into segments and displaying them in a table set.
  6. By using a transparent overlay and the image displayed as a background cell.
  7. By using an image viewer on the page with either a Java applet or embedded Flash viewer.
  8. By preventing search engine and site grabbers from spidering all resources from the home page.
  9. By using link protection to protect direct linking to the image resource.
  10. By using html encryption to protect direct access to the image resource.
  11. By disabling the right mouse click menu to prevent image save and copy'n'paste using the mouse.
  12. By adding a digital tag to an image using the Digimarc watermark plugin like for Photoshop.
  13. By registering a digital signature that can be tracked on the Internet using image search services.

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The above mentioned methods for copy protecting images deal with images that are displayed online, from a web page. These methods are not suitable for images that you may want to send by email or provide as a download. For example, if sending an image to a client for their approval of your design, then the options for protecting the image are reduced to:

  1. Using the watermarking tool above to copy protect the image..
  2. Sending the image encapsulated in a secure document format like CopySafe PDF.
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